Monday, August 26, 2013

Marton Lovei - 2011 - Emotions EP

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Beauty out of simplicity. We are quite busy these days and didnt get to update the blog for a few days, so I hope this little musical view of life helps dealing with us lately being slightly more unregular than usual. Its hard to give the smaller things in life the attention they deserve, especially when constantly being overshadowed by something that actively seeks attention. Here a few words from the author on this little EP that might just go unnoticed if it werent for you now reading this paragraph and being open to exploring the little things in life: 
  • One thing thats consistent throughout, is the slow bpm. That is really just a commentary on life, and my view of it. Life always seems to just slow down in the most emotional and tumultuous times of life and I think that a slower bpm can really portray a feeling of sadness quite well. Also another idea that is used quite a bit throughout is a wobble bass. Firstly thats just because I love a wobble bass in 4/4 music, its a really unique sound and can work bloody well. Also its supposed to reflect a sort of stuttering, an inconsistency, a weakness on the part of the bassline, the driving portion of the tune. Kinda reflecting that life isnt driven by some constant, or some benevolent faction, but instead instead we stumble, stutter, and crawl forward in our lives, almost at random. Though each tune has a lot of thought and symbolism put into it, these are the general themes I was trying to convey with this ep, and I hope that if anyone listens to them they can kind of get the grasp of the message, and also be able to relate to it in the context of their own experiences and emotions. Or you can just enjoy some decent music, either or Im happy :)

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