Saturday, August 2, 2014

TESA - 2014 - GHOST


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If this is what Punk sounds like in Latvia, I need to get myself on the next plane over there, because GHOST is astounding, and not at all what I expected going in. For one thing, there are no truly discernible lyrics (there are muffled screams buried in the feedback and thunder of 'T' for what it's worth). Not that punk requires them mind you, but most punk records I've listened to since joining wasfuersohr have all tended to fall into a small number of categories, and none of them sound even remotely like this. At least, I've never been to a mall food court that would play this, intentionally. It's not about fart and dick jokes or bringing down the man (at least not outwardly). No, this is, in my humble (Ha!) opinion, punk music that is best experienced with a pair of headphones because it will drawn you in and smother you, in the best possible way I can make that sound. I put it on at work, and it was like the outside world ceased at my headphones. I had gotten to 'S' without even realizing it (and yes still got work done) and had adrenaline running through me. It's heavy without being numbing, and atmospheric without being depressing and dreary. It's got a low end you can feel in your chest (YMMV, depending on speakers/headphones, mind). It comes at you hard, and pummels you just long enough to know when to pull back and let things relax – in so far as one may find drone relaxing (I obviously, do). The more astute among you will realize I haven't really described the instrumentation very much. You get a cookie. I wouldn't help G-H-O-S-T by picking things apart too much, this is a record that one will get the most out of by just turning it on and listening to it.

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