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Interview #2 - Changing Clocks [EN]

Deutsche Übersetzung dauert noch ein wenig.

Celebrating their newly released single Chance, you can now read the Interview with Changing Clocks. Check to download the new single.

Great that you found the time for the interview! And good job on getting out that new single. Let me start with the first few questions: The two lead singers in your band do a pretty good job at complementing each other. How did you get together? Is Changing Clocks the first and, for now, only project for everyone involved?

Thanks. Matt Rod put together the band in 2008. It had been through various forms with different members. Erika Cole is actually a country singer but when Matt heard her he knew the she'd be great for his music, so he called her and Erika happily agreed to perform the music. Everyone is fully dedicated to Changing Clocks. However, we are also all involved very much in other musical projects too. Seth Botos is currently organising a music festival in Boston, Carl Eisman is a working jazz guitarist, Matthew Edwards is too and plays with the Dropkick Murphys when they are in Boston, Erika performs in a wedding band, Matt is president of the Berklee Music Business club and always collaborating with others, and we all play in any bands we think are worth it!   

Since you release a new Single this thursday, could you tell us more about it? How did the song come about and how long did it take to work on that song?

The song is called Chance. It actually came about as a follow up to the song Anne. In a way, it is a continuation of that story. A love affair between 'Anne' and 'Chance', hence the dialogue between both vocalists in verses of 'Chance' and the somewhat similar harmony (on occasion) in the choruses of both. The song was recorded quite some time ago, but because of University life and gigging we hadn't had time to finish it. Matt Rod went back home this summer to South Africa, and was able to finish recording all the guitars, editing, and mixing the whole song in his room. Overall it took about 6 months, but we were not working on it most of the time! 

While we are at it: How would you describe the creative process of writing a song? Where do you get your inspiration from? Is this a collaborative process or do you have clear defined roles when working on a song?

In Changing Clocks, Matt Rod writes all the music. It's a group he put together with a very specific vision and sound in mind, and each person contributes with their performance of the music. Matt writes all the stuff.

How come that your first EP was recorded in Boston and South Africa?

We all met and continue to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, so we did the 'basics' sessions there. As in, we recorded as a band 'live' and used those recordings as the basis for overdubs. We chose to not use any click-tracks to keep a more organic feel for the EP (although Chance was recorded to a click!). Erika's vocals, the live strings, the backing vocals (girls) were all done in Boston. Last summer Matt came home to South Africa and finished recording all the guitars, his vocals, edited and finished the music in South Africa in his room (it was cheaper than going into a studio!!!) 

Is there any plan to work no and release a LP in the future? Speaking of which, are there any other general plans for the future?

Right now we'd like to continue gigging in and around the East Coast of the USA. So far we've had a great response in Boston, Brooklyn NY and NYC. If we can afford it we'd love to record a couple more tracks around October but for now we want to play as many shows as possible. We have a hell of a live show! 

Speaking of your future plans. While searching for a way to contact you I stumbled upon "" Do you plan to update it to a proper website representing your band in the near future? While this project is still in the works, what is the best place to get news about you right now?

Sorry about that. Haven't set up the redirect yet. It's currently under development. For now there is: And of course, our myspace and facebook pages etc.

While that is still far away, what were the greatest moments you already experienced regarding your music?

Don Was - who has produced Bonnie Raitt, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan etc - happened to hear the Changing Clocks EP when he was visiting Berklee. Matt received an excited text message from a friend saying "Don Was just heard your music and wants to come to a rehearsal or gig!". Unfortunately we didn't have any shows booked while he was in Boston but he did come out to our rehearsal and sat in on it. It was a wonderful experience. Don Was is a truly humble, friendly and genuine man. He was extremely complimentary and called the EP - Blooming in particular - "Magical". That was really great for all of us.

In Germany we had a pretty significant revival of that style of music you are making (namely one million sold albums for Roger Cicero which is not really the same music but you get the same blues/swing vibe from it), while I can't remember anyone else making this kind of music who was that succesful during the last few years. Would you say that this genre is on the edge of a comeback?

Funnily enough, we often struggle categorising ourselves. Which, for marketing purposes, is very important. I'm not so sure that particular genre is coming back. But I do believe the general public is much more open to different kinds of music than one thinks. You just need to get their friends to like it! Then, they can feel 'OK' about liking something a little different.
I love to ask about music recommendations. Bands you love? Or bands you really think deserve more listeners? Any hidden gems?

Matt: "Yes check out The Cat Empire. Australian band who I absolutely love. If you have to get one album, get their self-titled album The Cat Empire. Now there's music that defies a single genre! Brilliant!" 

Thank your for taking your time!

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