Saturday, October 18, 2014

Orange Aurora - 2014 - Orange Aurora

Dream Pop
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Self-titled releases should be strong. They imply that an artist is comfortable enough with a release that they want to sign it with their own name, by not signing it. An artist or band is saying, “This is me”, and “I’m going to put it all on this album” (yes, in those exact words); unless you’re Led Zeppelin and have four consecutive self-titled albums, named by the public. But that’s besides this simple point. On the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003) Robert Plant said it best: “I think albums are the true statement of a group’s work”, and explains they depict what a group’s been up to over a period of time. Blah, blah, right? None of this is news. But I thought I’d give some background and basis for what I’m about to say: when I see a self-titled release, I get especially excited and intrigued, because it takes confidence through a sense of identity. I’d never heard of Orange Aurora, but thought this was a nifty place to start. Again, none of this is ground breaking or an unpopular opinion, but what good is a blog if you don’t know a little bit about me? I’m a simple man. I pushed play.

Whether or not the bass on my headphones has slowly deteriorated into an unnoticeable level or the beanie I’m wearing absorbs any luscious low ground which I so precariously yearn for, the treble seems jacked. Guitar notes whistled with that overdrive flutter constantly, but I loved it. This album is a stoner’s dream. The type of stoner that really doesn’t care about life if he’s not stoned, and doesn’t care to notice when he is stoned. The kind that finds comfort in a two chord progression that is Second Glimpse (which I noticed is like a sequel to February, the opener). This entire album is shoegaze, and my favorite kind too, pop shoegaze.The quiet tracks are relaxing at their core, with some nice sampling in Victoria (For a chill and similar style song that reminds me of the closer, see: Weed Demon by Wavves). The vocals are indiscernible and full of flow, actually perfect for this album. Best tracks are 2, 4, and 5, with 2 being self-titled. Seagulls and white foam blend and resonate from the self-titled track, which I would agree should be the featured track.

If you stay up at night held hostage to unpleasant memories or thoughts, this is your album. Let the sweet chords and lead melodies zone you out. Obviously it’s not 5/5 for me, but it goes beyond what could’ve been done differently. I’m not sure, it wasn’t quite unique enough. Honestly, it pains me that I can’t give it a 5, and will undoubtedly be the best 4 I’ve reviewed. It sounds terrific as a close-your-eyes-and-forget set, but the songs are partly forgettable, as beautiful as they sound. So, I wouldn’t recommend picking apart style or anything else, but “this is really enjoyable” is an understatement.