Saturday, November 15, 2014

Borrachera - 2014 - The Basement Sessions

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Sometimes my listening habits outside the blog will greatly influence what hits off with me more than I'd think (See last summer's synthwave obsession, and the upcoming Those Gulls). And the surprise (to me) release of a new DFA1979 has gotten me in the mood for drum and bass duos, and boy are Borrachera (as the band puts it “Borrachera: Spanish noun; Drunkenness. English verb: Two piece Rock 'n' roll from Edmonton Ab”) doing it for me. It's not exactly dance music, swapping dance floors for filthy mosh pits, but it's pretty groovy doom/sludge rock that you could probably shake your ass to in a club all things considered. Probably closer to a dirtier Young Widows or a Nick Oliveri-led QOTSA though, and by god is that sweet sound to my ears. The title is aptly apparent from the get go, as the recording is rough as hell; the vocals a jumble in the mix (and they're not 'clean' vocals to begin with, making them even more cryptic at times), and it sounds like a band playing in a closet. Of course, the instruments do sound quite good with that in mind (grimy as all get up, but sludge works better that way, no?). Honestly, even if the name is truth to power on this EP, it helps. I hope the band follow through on rerecording these for their upcoming album, but don't lose that dank, wet basement sound too much. It adds to the appeal for me. Giving everything a spit shine would really be of detriment to the rock music dragged-from-a-swamp thing these guys have got going on here. Two guys, a bass, drums, and some growling can go a long way when they put their minds to it, and Borrachera certainly do. 

edit: This was written just days before the band's new album dropped, and I'd like to thank the guys for putting Sessions back on their bandcamp page. Check out Basement Sessions while it's back for a limited time, and give their album a go if you dig what you're hearing. I know I will be. 

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