Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wet Socks - 2012 - Soaking Wet

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THEY SOUND LIKE THEY’RE PLAYING LIVE. WHAT? LIVE. THEY SOUND LIKE THEY’RE PLAYING LIVE. LIVE? YEAH, LIVE… that’s the pretend conversation I’m having with my friend because WET SOCKS are playing and we’re right in front of the speaker.
That’s the only way to enjoy this garage EP. If you’re not in the right mindset you won’t enjoy it, like punk before punk became sissies whining about their feelings. The lo-fi is subtle but all there: megaphone vocals, slightly revolting drums, and of course chippy quality. It worked because lyrics don’t matter at this point. If I really cared to listen to them I would, but it doesn’t matter. I just know I heard the word “girl” about 15 times. All in all, this is fun, and a 5/5 for me means I can listen to the set over and over again without substantial weak spots. Not only that, but I’m going to keep listening to this one after it goes on up the page.
Having a crappy week? Throw it on the record player, because it certainly sounds like vinyl. And because this twisted puppy only has 5 tracks, I’m going to go ahead and walk you through it:
1st – that’s the live sound I was yelling to my friend about earlier. Even though it’s the weakest track, it’s sort of like, "here, have some sound; I need to throw out anyway. Do whatever you want with that. This is just a thesis."
2nd track – nothing but smiles here. I’m happily angry at my summer. No school, but it was always more… fun than it is right now. My expectations weren’t high and I’m still disappointed. I hate growing up.
3rd – Who has seen Pulp Fiction? This is John Travolta driving in the night when he’s high on heroin. Right turn, left turn, it’s all the same. The guitar solos don’t sell this song short either. Follow them and they take you down a winding, endless road. Honestly, it just sounds really cool.
4th – the most beach sounding track. As it turns out, that narrow road went through a tunnel road, and we emerged at the site of a beach bonfire. As it is, the air feels sweet. Sneakin’ around stood out like a lollipop and it’s a special track for me because of the chorus. It’s so damn swift and a change of pace I wish it was played again… and again. It ends with what sounds like passing out.
5th – we stayed at the beach all night and the sand is starting to get annoying instead of fun to step on. I just wanna crash indoors, could be a couch. I don’t care. Who’s driving? Where are my keys? There they are. Let’s do this again sometime.

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