Friday, December 14, 2012

Sun Cellar - 2012 - Abstraction

Experimental/math rock
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Structure is an absolutely essential in any great piece of music: even experimentation, in a sense, is just a transgression of what's already been established. Take Abstraction, one of the finest EPs this reviewer has ever heard. The ingredients here should be recognizable to any fan of music, but there isn’t a band that puts them together in the intricate yet immediately striking way that Sun Cellar manages to.
It all begins with "Light Leaks", an impeccably crafted slow burner that finds all sorts of ways to transcend its tried-and-true blend of earnest vocals, rock-hard guitar lines, and relentless but nimble drum rhythms. "Jacket" brims with surprises, charging out of the gate with a guitar-driven interlude (boasting a bit of a progressive rock flavor) before the tension relieves, letting the chords soar a bit—and just as abruptly as it booms to life, the guitar drops out in the chorus and the blisteringly raw vocals take over, less bombastic but just as captivating in their own way. Whether quiet and melancholy or LOUD and MENACING, the music never fails to surprise.
The really surprising thing about Abstraction, though, is how easy it is to get punch-drunk off of this cocktail: there isn't a single song on here without the potential to rush up the alt-rock charts right now. Even the odder diversions, like a weird foray into waltz music on "Card Sharp", are played with bravado and that sense of undeniable force hanging over all of Sun Cellar’s music. This is a captivating listen throughout from a band unapologetic about battering their way into your heart before settling there for the long run.

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