Friday, December 28, 2012

Deer Legs - 2012 - Demo '12

Instrumental Math Rock
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  • Listening recommendations: Tristram
When I started writing for wasfuersohr, I had a sound in mind that I hoped bandcamp would provide a treasure trove of. Deer Legs's Demo '12 is so far the closest any EP or LP has come to matching that sound that I've come across, and it's oh so sweet to my ears. Call me picky or finicky about my musical tastes (guilty on all counts your honour!), but I likes my math rock a certain way, and Deer Legs provides me with a hit of the good stuff. There's just enough pop sensibility to the song structure and the meticulous guitar work to keep an upbeat tone to things (“Warm Beer” has a party vibe despite it's name). The production is crisp, with everything sounding clean and polished, the guitars have a really warm, inviting quality to them, and the bass has a fullness to it that projects but doesn't overwhelm everyone else. The drums don't get away unscathed either, as they're being strategically pummelled to great affect across all four tracks. All these things combined just keeps drawing me back to this EP for multiple listens and for a demo, these are very complete songs that I don't feel need to be changed at all should they see release on a full length in the future. By this I mean 'have lyrics added to them' for no good reason, these songs work just fine sans voice. The noodling interlude on 'Tristam' for instance would probably be gone. But that isn't the case with these slick demos and Deer Legs have my full attention in 2013.

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