Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sea Oleena - 2011 - Sleeplessness

Ambient Indie/Pop
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Now if that isnt a great way to start 2013 with a (admittedly rather silent and calm) bang. The record released in 2011, but music doesnt get old over a few years and we are still going strong with our crusade to find the best free music out there. Chances are most of you havent heard of Sea Oleena yet, so that is enough of a reason to feature her in 2011 released album. Its her second record and while both are definitely worth listening to, the second one is rather outstanding. In a state between wake and dream, this record mumbles jumbled thoughts into the night sky. The lo-fi nature of the record is both beautifully ethereal and at times its weakest part when the background noise is a bit too jarring. Fortunately, it still fits with the dreamy mood of the record and adds another coherent layer of jumbledness onto the ambient sounds, thoughts and impressions this record expresses. These songs the need for sleep in a night long struggle with curiosity about the smallest things in life and the short and sudden moments of clarity they represent. A time where even the smallest things can seem extraordinarily important and precious while being forgotten just a moment later. In this record you'll find an understanding companion for these wondrous, amazing and sometimes even frightening moments. Step one, wake up. Now open your eyes and open the blinds.

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