Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jack and the Whiskey Masters – 2012 – The Final Christmas | Part One

Experimental electronic
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A little late for Christmas music, isn’t it? you’re probably thinking right now. In any case, though, there’s always room in my life for some good electronic music, and Jack (real name: Aaron Hyde) and his band of whiskey masters deliver on the hopes of the holiday season with a set of songs that is brief but surprisingly winning. Take, for example, the group’s take on “Jingle Bells”, which interprets the song’s key melody through the lens of a xylophone and crams hip-hop beats and hi-hats into the fray. The result is a track brimming with fun and creativity—and quite a bit darker than your usual Christmas fare. “Small Sir Drummer”, Hyde’s take on “The Little Drummer Boy”, is much more uplifting, but the way that fragile melody echoes through the track still leaves an undercurrent of melancholy. (The choir chants over the climax of the track deserve mention, too, if only because they’re so unexpected and perfect for the moment.) This EP isn’t perfect, however: sometimes the tendency towards brevity is a bit frustrating (most notably on mid-EP track “Deck The Halls”, which doesn’t sound like much of anything), and not every track ends as strongly as it begins. But all in all, it’s a remarkably fresh perspective to see tried-and-tired carols through: Hyde gives a little room to let the darker shades of Christmas in, and the lights shine more radiantly for it.

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