Saturday, January 12, 2013

KARREO – 2012 – KARREO Soundtracks 2010-2012

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It’s not often that soundtrack music can stir me so much, but the folks that make up KARREO, a project that composes music for commercials, films, and other productions, just may have done it. Though the eight tracks on this release were all composed for separate ventures and at different times, you wouldn’t know it by how smoothly the whole thing flows. This is epic, big-scale music at its best, combining the grandeur of orchestral music and the force of electronic music for a sound that’s both sweeping and forceful. 
Among the standout tracks is “2011: A Space Adventure”, composed by Stelian Derenne. The six-minute work taps perfectly into the feelings of isolation and wonder expressed in its title, beginning with contemplative, haunting interplay between the piano and strings before shifting the melody to the synths and letting just enough dubstep in to liven up the proceedings a while. Derenne’s composition is intriguingly detailed: for example, he keeps the strings throughout, sometimes to swell majestically in the foreground, other times to stutter rhythmically in the background in tense counterpoint to the synth melodies. “Daybreak”, the work of Mathieu Legros, is another stunner, utilizing harsh, rough bursts of static and voices and layering a subdued piano melody on top—all before he bursts the track open with help from the electric guitar in a climax that’s equal parts hopeful and desolate. Whatever the team is going for, KARREO demonstrates a great understanding of emotion and mastery of atmosphere, and this grab-bag of good stuff should be a must-download for anybody who wants to hear music that’s moving in any context.

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