Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rhythm and Hues - 2013 - The Live EP

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Jazz concept album? Jazz concept album! Being the curious cat that I am, a concept album based around the 12 Chinese zodiac signs gets my attention based on pitch alone. The Live EP is 6 tracks of jazz fusion as part of a Montreal art installation that gets a bit more complex the more I try to explain (and thus I may influence how you, reader, interpret the music. Also, yes, I know there are only 6 tracks, but 12 zodiac signs. If you go to their bandcamp page, the whole project is explained in greater detail.
Anyway, the music starts out as rather low key jazz for the most part, songs built around slow moving, baselines, minimal drums and percussion, and occasionally a flute. The tempo picks up considerably after “Lapin兔”and kick in with as much percussion as you could possibly want. Seriously, there are at least 5 different style of drums used on this EP, and as you could expect each adds a distinct sound and feel you likely aren't going to get anywhere else – let alone a minute plus long percussion/drum solo on “Singe! “Taurneau 牛”is my favourite track of the six, sounding like a cross between a cheapo 70's kung fu film's soundtrack and the best film noir that jazz could possibly narrate. The bass on that track is just out of this world. Not sure if represents a Bull, but that doesn't matter. Sarah Linhares' vocals are also a highpoint, despite her not voicing a word the entire record. Linhares' is singing in something akin to “vocalese”, where she's more or less singing the notes of an instrument, and, while there is no consensus around the wasfuersohr office, they occasionally sound like a word-less narrative. Given the nature of th project and the subject matter, that would not surprise me in the least. These tracks come highly recommended, jazz enthusiasts or not.

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