Monday, October 7, 2013

The Passive Standouts - 2013 - The Passive Standouts

Indie Punk Rock
More like The Passive Standups because that’s all I want to do when I listen. This self-titled album spits out rather gritty tunes with ferocity and flare but nothing of an angry nature. They are a 3 piece punk rock band with what sounds to me like plenty of Arctic Monkeys influence (1st album). But what makes this album so fun? Layers! As far as the eye can see. No but really, these guys really know how to jam and that’s one of my favorite things about really rad bands. Jamming out is what turns a two minute rock song into a three of four minute I WANNA ROCK song. More importantly, their name is so accurate. They do stand out and yes, in a passive manner. Stand out with a different edge and focus but passively accessible. These talented boys make indie tightly knitted in a punk beat. Sometimes you get a distorted and shreddy solo, sometimes you get a smoothly groovy bass line, and if you’re lucky the drummer will fill you up with nitrogen. This is a band I’d love to watch live.

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