Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd - 2011 - Hello

Indie Pop
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  • Listening recommendations: Pencil Dance, Angelina
The impatient listener may be forgiven if he glossed over this record skipping into track 1 and 5 and decided to not give it any more attention. All the others however, will notice that Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd's Hello is certainly among the better Singer-Songwriter Pop EP debuts they've probably come across. As I already hinted at, it doesnt start off that strong and also ends on a comparably low note, but the 3 tracks in between more than make up for it. Pencil Dance and Maybe We All Win seem a bit detached with their diffuse voice samples and create a haunting atmosphere that really sticks out and manages to be catchy, while being unobtrusive enough so I still can listen to them even when I went through this EP a million times in the past few months. These magnificiently and carefully arranged songs evoke a sense of intrigue and mystique that you'll likely still enjoy hearing and diving into on your subsequent record repeats. The follow-up Angelina forms a nice contrast to that and shows his playful side. Just as catchy, but upbeat and a bit more romantically dreamy, this track is a perfect summer track about his views on a certain special person. Even if there are some obvious quality differences here even within those 5 tracks, Cliff Kuhn-Lloyd doesnt only have potential, he already shows how to employ that potential to make some wonderfully crafted pop songs, and I sure hope its not the end his story.

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