Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Phantom Power - 2013 - Static States

<a href="http://phantompower.bandcamp.com/album/static-states"
Bliss with a hook. That’s ultimately the majority of what I hear in Static States. Interpol (Turn on the Bright Lights) vibes ringing all around surround the listener with calm, night-time city senses. I feel at peace, captivated by the subtlety of sonic perfection. The double layered vocals provide a sense of comfort and relief as they slowly guide what could be the best and most appropriate bass lines I’ve ever heard by a record of this style. Whether the bass is pounding [off the beat] like part of a heavy, vintage drum kit or reeling in with lovable lines [on the beat] like ushering a ghost through NYC’s dirty streets, I was amazed at how deeply influential these low frequency dances were. Keyboard fills up the ears with warm and wavy strokes, and creates the brighter colors, if Static States were a painting; and light guitar presented in a variety of styles sends chills of fond memories. It’s almost a crime to analyze Static States instrument by instrument because flow of noise and mastering are superb. There’s a laid-back aesthetic laying down almost romantic feelings, like wanting to go back to sleep just to dream of that special person. The slight lo-fi quality is what sold me the most, and I usually don’t consider recording quality. But how could I not when it’s so appropriately thick? It’s mixed very professionally but feels like everything was recorded in a cramped bedroom. It’s most nearly that which allowed me to call this my own music, so to speak. One of the best finds I’ve found on this website, by far.

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