Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rate of Rise - 2011 - Rate of Rise EP

Indie Rock
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I wonder when I'll be done with the records that I am carrying around with me for years already. This is another one of those records with a song that haunts my eardrums long after the track ended and  Rate of Rise disappeared again into the obscurity of my review playlist. Fictatious is incredibly catchy, melodic and driving Indie Rock track, destined to be sung and danced along to. I cant really say these guys have any bad track on this record and Rate of Rise showed an interesting variety of styles here, going from the more harder hitting rock track Case of the Mondays directly to the more house and synthpop inspired Envi. The only issue I possibly see with these tracks is that, with the exception of possibly Envi, they arent taking it far enough to stand out from a crowd of bands with a rather similar style of music.
Still, its good music and even if the record and general style of music isnt groundbreaking, not every band needs to or even should feel the need to reinvent the wheel. Rate of Rise EP is fun and thats what matters in the end. Its energetic Indie Rock thats just plain fun to listen to with just enough musical surprises to make the listener curious about the next track. I am sure this band would be one to take note of if they had the money to evolve and cultivate their own style of music.

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