Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hunter Jones - 2013 - Demos

Ambient Rock
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  • Listening recommendations: Laurel
Ever feel like just listening to something other than your thoughts? Long day and riding the bus home with fog on the windows? Hunter Jones, dear friends. This demo is roomy and spacious, and ironically, does have a space-like feeling (especially Space Nap, of course). I like when artists explore and don’t follow structure, which is the beauty of instrumental tracks (like the last three songs). Words can’t compete with musical instruments, because words have definitions, only varying by connotation; and while music may vary with tones, it cannot be defined entirely.
With that being said, I wouldn’t expect anyone to enjoy this type of music that’s not a patient listener, because not too much is going on. This sounds like an Explosions in the Sky demo, without all the fancy and expensive effect switches and doo-hickeys that make pretty sounds. However, this demo has good vibes all around, perfect for birthday parties (as advertised). These tracks are typically about three layers: thick drums, luminous lead guitar, and a special third layer, whether it be hazy guitar or under-the-radar bass (although there are four layers at times). It starts with the catchy Pizza Shop, which certainly grew on me even more after 3rd listen, and next with Laurel being more in the middle in terms of flow and less reverb. The last three are more open-ended with shoegaze vibes and playful progressiveness with more of that reverb I mentioned. It feels like each song is recorded in a small, white room with hardwood floors and no objects other than music equipment. For this, the demo may feel slightly empty, but I feel like that was the goal: there is a mix of both dreamy sounds and traditional ones. I just wish more of the tracks were exploratory like Space Nap, or the last two, and I will look forward to a full length release if there is one.
Above all, I learned to really like this demo. It is without any razzle or dazzle but full of pure blends of riffs, feel-goodies, and a certain radiance I can’t really find the word for. Just listen to it all before you judge.

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  1. Hey, one of the members of Hunter Jones here! Thanks for the kind words. We are mixing our new 8 track LP and it should be out on bandcamp and on tape soon! Slightly different sound, but same chill vibes. Hopefully we've gotten better at songwriting too ;p

    Cheers, J