Wednesday, November 13, 2013

sunofthesol.- 2013 - Just Breathe.

Hip-hop instrumental
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“Finally found what I was looking for” was my exact thought when I was a few tracks through this album; a mix of lo-fi beats swimming in less than sufficient quality, full of pleasant and unfashioned moments with barely enough static to propel across this river of tape (pretty specific taste, right?). Although these are beats, they’re not bangers (of head banging stature, maybe bobbing) but rather, the kinds that make one smile and listen or just sit back to enjoy a combination of easy, refreshing chopped up samples. Each of these tracks is almost like transitioning for a staged play, but at the same time can act as background for a muted scene in a variety of films. There are several high moments with recollective, sweet feelings (Sunshine of My...) as well as lows with slower or darker themes (Clips), and even songs that just make you want to stop and think (Out the Dark). While the samples are refreshing however, there isn't much in the way of mixing up how these beats are displayed. Additional track layers or perhaps experimenting with song structure would have been fun. This album may be too simple, but one can argue against that as well, because it makes this an easy, enjoyable listen. These tracks are built off of short samples and propel into a fibrous beat, with the choppiness being a highlight. Of course there’s occasional dialogue lines, which is always a must for any beat tape, and in Just Breathe. they are used sparingly and fittingly.  El Viaje’s ending is a heartwarming sample of father and sun (get it?) which adds new appearance to the track. Another noticeable ending is Buitiful’s quote, “I’ve gotta be happy”, referring to one’s faith and principles. It’s an ideal way to start Sol by Hailo and end this album. I’ll also note that it’s a short listen, which is another reason I’ve listened to this several times by now.

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