Friday, November 29, 2013

Flod - 2013 - Kurs

Post Rock
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Impressive records impresses. It's also one of the few records I instantly knew I'd be putting up on the blog, no hesitation. It's been a while since I've come across my genre of genres post-rock on bandcamp (admittedly I haven't been able to devote as much time to reviews, but I digress). To hear an entire records worth of so called “post-rock”, and not have guitars blazing the trail is not only surprising, it's one of the best features of the record! Some of the most evocative sections feel more sound like they're ambient electronic, sliding between Lustmordian darkness (such as the later half of “Lumi”) and synth-heavy folk music, where in the 'chimes' really do it for me. The trumpet and trombone The violin/cello opening of Riu is a sobering attacca to Lumi's final moments, especially as lead-in to the cymbal crescendo at the 30 second mark. I tend to dislike post-rock music with singing. for me, lyrics distract from the music itself, but Flod have gone and turned that entire notion on its ear, choosing to indulge in choral singing that could not fit more perfectly with the music. Having everyone in the band sing gives the lyrics a warmer feel when they're lucid, and the songs a grander sense of scope when they're not. That I feel I hear at least a twinge of traditional Chinese/Japanese music in the tracks (YMMV here) is another aspect that is rather uncommon, but certainly sumptuous for the ears to take in as a whole.

 I've wanted to get this review out a lot quicker than I did, because I have to spread the word: “Flod is amaze-balls! Listen to them!”. For that I apologize. The music more than makes up for the wait. So don't make the mistake I did and get it now!

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