Saturday, December 7, 2013

Whitfield - 2009 - Tornado Cutie

Britpop/ Rock
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  • Listening recommendations: Top Of The World, Talk
There is music I can feel nostalgia for even if I never listened to a band before. When Whitfield fell into my hands and I started listening to it, I noticed how much I miss the Indie bands from the early 2000's. Top of the World evokes that memory, and I was thinking back to the Killers concert I've attended years ago, while Talk has a certain Coldplay touch to it. If your music can evoke those memories and comparisons, then you certainly know your way around your instruments. However, this also highlights the issues with these tracks, since they seem slightly derivative overall. Almost all tracks are of the highest quality and very enjoyable to listen to, but Whitfield probably play it a bit too safe to stand out of the huge Indie/Pop crowd. These guys are good, but if I am being constantly reminded of other, great bands, then I end up listening to the other bands I am being reminded of instead of listening to these songs.
These tracks might not manage to stick to the wall for too long, but that doesnt mean that its not worth listening to Tornado Cutie. I actually wish these guys were better well known so for their next album they could start working on these little aspects that distinguishes the great bands in the genre. There is a lot of potential here, and I sure hope these guys manage to grow as a band to fulfull it at one point.

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