Sunday, December 15, 2013

Frowning Trees - 2013 - Keep the Glow

Lo-Fi Shoegaze Folk Rock
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Against my expectations, this record seems to be rather divisive. I enjoyed listening to Frowning Trees immensely because I thought these guys did a great job of embracing the Lo-Fi nature of these tracks and integrated it into the sound as an elemental part of the listening experience by mixing melodic guitar riffs and vocals with diffuse background noise. Even though I know that certain genres and sub genres are not everyone's cup of tea, its easy to forget how simple you can throw someone off guard with "imperfect" music if he is used to consuming music that has been produced for the radio/with mass audiences in mind. Keep the Glow isnt perfect, and it obviously doesnt need to be to pull me in with its charme. It even has some flaws that distract me a bit too much and take me out of the experience at times, especially something like varying volume levels and a certain track of which I am personally not too fond of, but overall this is a damn fine record that is very well worth listening and dreaming off to. If you are put off at first, take my advice and try once more later. At one point you'll stop caring about the "imperfectness", and just embrace this record for what it is - a magnificient piece of music that is well worth being the soundtrack to many dreamy evenings.

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