Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dick Fist - 2014 - Dick Fist

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It took longer to write this review than it did to listen to this EP all the way through. Twice. Now, I warn you, this music is abrasive and raw and all kinds of not very nice. If words like 'grindcore' and 'power violence' in music make you shake your head, this probably would be a good time to go read Georgi's All India Radio review (Do that anyway). It's two people (they only have initials on the site) screeching into the mics and playing as hard and fast as they possibly can. They also try to use shock value as a blunt object on the listener (the cold opener about Jesus sounding like some kind of wildlife documentary is a humourous touch). The lyrics are as ridiculous as one would imagine two teenagers giving the middle finger verbally would be, telling punks, punk rock and, well, pretty much everyone else to fuck off over and over again over the span of three or so minutes. Normally, I'd abhor this EP and the snotty nonsense brutalizing my eardrums, but this must have just caught me at the right time, because I enjoyed it rather a lot. Everything sounds a bit rough, vocals, guitars, drums, all a bit dirty really. About the only thing that doesn't is the opening clip about Jesus and the shootout interlude. Not that it matters, they're competently played – the rough around the edges sound is most likely intentional – and so fast you won't even notice until it's gone. It may be shallow, and silly, but there's enthusiasm in Dick Fist (a phrase you do not want to repeat in front of Grandma I assure you) and you can hear it. There's an interlude damn it. An interlude in a record that's barely 3 minutes long (and it's the 2nd last track!) The tongue is so firmly in cheek it may burst through.

So I suggest taking a couple minutes of your day and thrashing your head around to Dick Fist.

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