Thursday, September 4, 2014

All India Radio - 2014 - Red Shadow Landing (Demo Versions)

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All India Radio's demos are not just another episode of ”How it's made”, where listeners get to assess the various musical lines and textures before they are moulded into the final mix. There's more than that: I came across the ”Demos better than the finished product” dilemma, as they bear the original rough spark of inspiration. And it's not just me; Martin, the band's guitarist confesses that he sometimes likes them more than the proper album - reason why he has decided to release them 2 months ago.

Freed from the focus on details & alterations perceived as improvements the demos unveil the authentic stream of inspiration - a most diverse one, I must say, as it gathers and unifies styles of various artists, such as Helios (Keith Kenniff), Badalamenti, Boards of Canada or even David Gilmour. Despite the diversity of the blended tendencies, the album's tight integrity is yet a mystery to me.
Badalamenti's eerie suspended arpeggios from Golden demo 2 intertwined with the post-rock-ish The Original (both demos), the reckless Owlpacas in Flight mingled with the celestial and out of this world tunes of The North Sky, but especially the Gilmour-ish tracks ”Don't Leave”, the highlights of the album, all these styles enrich Red Shadow Landing in a particular way.

Why Red Shadow Landing? To give you a hint: Martin has an impressive collection on tumblr of space related images, scanned from magazines and books.

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