Monday, July 30, 2012

Calm Hands - 2012 - Somewhere June

Indie Pop/ Electronica
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  • Listening recommendations: Ghosts, A Simple Melody
I feel rather confident in stating that this set of songs will end up on the top spot of my 2012 retrospective list, if not even claiming the top spot of my favourite record this year. Generally, I'd describe it as an Indie Pop record with some strong Electronica influences. If you still remember and have fond memories of last years Magic Man review, I highly recommend taking a look at Calm Hands, too. The songs on this EP have a more serene feeling to them, but the overall quality is still outstanding. Ghosts, being the album opener, is an great choice for a first impression to the sound of Calm Hands through its catchy chorus and the memorable tunes, followed by equally endearing songs after it. It is quite remarkable how much warmth and emotion the musician managed to convey in these songs. One of the greatest highlights of Somewhere June is the last song A Simple Melod, which has one of the most amazing build ups I've heard in recent times. A hymn that should be noted and fondly remembered by more than just the few that actually noticed Calm Hands this year. If you are looking for a record to complement the soundtrack of your summer 2012, this is definitely a worthy choice. Some artists manage to create a sound that reaches to our inner desire for freedom, the thought that anything still might be possible, just like Calm Hands. Somewhere June is a dreamy and thought-provoking EP, liberating any creativity locked away by unearthing the imagination that is buried by everyday routine.


  1. Great album ! I had a good time listening to it, thanks for sharing :)