Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cloud - 2012 - A Rush of Sun

Ambient electronic
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Sometimes, if you wake up at just the right time, you can steal a glimpse of the sunrise. The transition is so gradual that you could look away from the indigo horizon for one moment, only to turn back and be blinded by a newborn white sky. A white day, untouched and full of promise. The sight of a fresh sun is a luxury to people like me, who set our alarms 30 minutes earlier than we have to just so we don’t oversleep, but for other people, it must be second nature to wake up and greet the dawn. Like ambient electronic artist Cloud—at least that’s the vibe I get listening to A Rush of Sun. It’s a fittingly short release, four tracks clocking in at just under seventeen minutes. It’s gentle and lush, baby blue synths and shimmering keyboards rising and falling with the clicks of beautifully organic percussion work. It’s not slow, but it doesn’t compensate with loudness, either; it’s gracefully nimble without ever having to raise its voice, as the layers of instruments it juggles at once speak for themselves. More than anything, though, it’s pure: in its solemn toybox melodies, in its contemplative, fuzzy production, in the sun-kissed snatches of rhythms stolen out of a fourth-grade music class, worming their way out. But enough of this; sometimes, music simply can’t be synthesized or analyzed. All you have to judge off of then is where it takes you. And where this release takes me is to 6AM on my porch, the dawn of a promising new day as I am once again humbled and blinded by a rush of sun.

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