Friday, July 20, 2012

Truck D - 2012 - It's Alive

Jam Band/Psychedelic Rock
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  • Listening recommendations: Rox Juanita, Unravel Your Mind

An EP of live covers and original songs is usually a red flag for me, a sign to stay the hell away – terrible sound quality and versions of songs I'd rather not hear ruined with others not good enough to warrant attention on their own. Truck D's “It's Alive” is neither of these things, one an actual accomplishment. Yes, recording quality of the tracks on “It's Alive” is outstanding, nothing drops too low or gets drowned out in the mix, it's easy to distinguish between the various instruments at work, and there are quite a few let me tell you. Of course live jam sessions are all about going with the flow and solos and what not, and the two original have got you covered there with occasional noodling on the guitar, keyboards, and horn section. For me though, just barely being able to hear the crowd sing along to Rox Juanita (aka “Roxanne” by the Police) was what turned this from a good listen to a great one. The energy from the band and the crowd here and on the medley of “Snake in the Grass/Talk to Me, Dance with Me” is simply infectious, you can't help but get into it. If you can, check your pulse. And that's the other really big reason I'm digging this EP so much, the covers are exceptionally done, bringing something completely new to each and the original songs are just as good (dig that helicopter opening and closing the groovy freakout “Unravel Your Mind”) showcasing the kind of song writing chops Truck D really have. Adding a full fledged band (especially the brass) really expands the songs into something bigger, wilder than they would have been otherwise (Sting take note). Get this record and listen to Truck D kick out the jams! If you'll excuse me I have to dance around to “Rox Juanita” again.

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