Friday, June 14, 2013

june - 2013 - june

Acoustic folk
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  • Listening recommendations: Ghosts, El Paso
Acoustic folk musician june’s self-titled release is as light and as refreshing as the month. The four-track EP’s qualities lie in its bare-bones intimacy (reflected in its instrumentation and supported by production that lets the down-home strains of the guitar and june’s airy, raw vocals feel as big as any first-rate country stage) and the quality of the songwriting. Driven by a gorgeous acoustic guitar line, opener “Ghosts” is far brighter than its title lets on and features an uplifting, sincere chorus that should win the hearts of many lonely Internet dwellers. “El Paso” is more of the same, with its focus primarily on the lyrical themes of lost love and redemption and the sound limited to guitar and the vocals. The other two songs on the EP are similar, but there’s something charming to music this personal all the same, and at a lean eighteen minutes, june certainly isn’t asking for much. Alas, if there’s one slight misgiving, it may be that his music is just a tad too slight, too straightforward to flourish in a crowded music world. Considering the promise of what’s here, we should hope that isn’t the case.

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