Friday, June 28, 2013

Aron Bergen - 2013 - Hide My Soul

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I'm putting my classical pants on for this one, as Aron Bergen knocks it out of the park with his piano-focused neoclassical Hide My Soul, a five track EP of original compositions that hit on all the right, ahem, notes for me at the right time. It might be in part due to how shitty the weather has been here for the past month, but the somber mood Bergen's piano melodies create really connected with me from the get go, and the song titles would lead me to believe that might not be just a coincidence. These songs are low key affairs, with the piano (or violin) doing just enough to get you on board, but never demanding a laser-like focus on each note. Hide My Soul displays what I feel is quite the talent for composition and musicianship on Bergen's part, as well as production skills. The music doesn't seem exceedingly complex (to someone who knows nothing of the piano or violin I admit), though the strings are more involved than the piano most of the time. Bergen works within this walled garden extremely effectively. Single notes held just long enough often carry as much weight as entire songs would elsewhere. That Bergen also plays in some strange time signatures makes sure certain elements of these tracks stand out in your mind well after you've turned it off. Of the tracks, “Cold Hands” is the closest thing to a true “surprise”, with the piano taking a backseat to the synths and strings for a short change of pace (and it's probably my favourite track of the bunch). That I still dive right into these a week on from my initial depressing interaction with them also speaks to just how versatile Soul's classical is. A piano for every occasion.

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