Friday, July 5, 2013

New Kingdom - 2010 - Naked Time

Alternative Rock
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Driving Alternative Rock band that could and should be way more popular if not for the restraints of the current music industry. This is a high quality record with lots of diversity to ensure listening to New Kingdom wont get boring anytime soon. The record starts off strong with two driving and memorable rock tracks that you'll learn to love this band for. Especially the first track, Stepped on this Scene would fit right in with any alternative playlist. While its nice to see a band trying out other directions, the quality weakens a bit afterwards while they tried to weave some poppier influences into these tracks. However, since the release of this record, these guys released 2 more single tracks you should definitely check out and add to your download of Naked Time: Jack of Spades, 808 We havent heard from these guys since then, but hopefully they are working on another full project, since I cant see them actually making something not worth looking forward to.
Its been 3 years now since New Kingdom stepped on my MP3 player, and I wouldnt want to miss them. Even though they dont manage to keep it at the consistently highest level, the variety still makes for a hugely enjoyable release overall that comes highly recommended.

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