Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Call Me, Ryan - 2011 - Basement Demos

Alternative Rock
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Due to being on vacation, I can only provide an impression on a short record and Just Call Me, Ryan's Basement Demos perfectly fit the bill. These tracks are very catchy and immediately know how to please with the distinctive voice of the singer, that has some punk rock attitude shining through with surprisingly harmonious choruses. I love the snotty-nosed attitude in these tracks, but unfortunately these songs overstay their welcome very fast after listening to them 2-3 times, probably due to the limited variation the EP provides. The third track is a bit of a slower chilled track that helps in that regard, but unfortunately the issue still persists. Its a great and groovy mini-selection of tracks that certainly are worth a look, but to give these tracks any sort of lasting appeal, a bigger concept is sorely needed. Usually, I recommend other stuff from the same band or band members in this spot, but the only thing I found - a cover EP - can safely be ignored, since its not even in the same league quality-wise. I really hope these/this musician(s) didnt give up on music completely, there is a lot of potential here that should be uncovered.

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