Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twin//Venus - 2013 - TenderFang

Noise Pop
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  • Listening recommendations: Nothingcanbeatyou
It would appear that the first bands trying to capture a bit of Sleigh Bells' crossover success are here, and Twin//Venus have managed to find that sweet spot on TenderFang, with just enough noise and feedback piled on top of simmering-sweet vocals, themselves occasionally awash in effects. Whereas SB went for full frontal assault on guitars and hiss, Twin//Venus have thankfully taken the path of slightly more worn and parred back the layers of noise so that the song structure can shine through like a drum-machine loop of sunlight cutting through the darkness. Mind you, that slightly worn path isn't the most excitingly built (keyboards, guitars, and drum machines are the building blocks of Twin//Venus sound), but the songs themselves are varied in tempo and genre leanings - lots more cold techno and electronic than guitar rock in actuality. The vocals on “NothingCanBeatYou” might cause frost to form, even if the lyrics aren't nearly as cold-hearted as the music they're sung over. The proceedings are helped along by the songs being brief, just when one trick starts getting stale, Twin//Venus pulls a new song out on us – its hard to argue with a continuous stream of brain candy under 3 minutes long. You might not remember it in the morning, hell, you may not want to remember it before its over, I didn't care. It was a good musical fix when I was looking for one, quality electronic noise pop.

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