Tuesday, August 6, 2013

frontRegen - 2012 - That Dance

Alternative Pop
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Like rain pouring over an innocent bystander, frontRegen tells stories about touching human beings, moments that leave as suddenly as they came, chances you realize as soon as its too late and streams of incidents that pull you along without your consent. frontRegen does a great job of combining that concept of incidents pulling you along, which they also talk about in these tracks, with music that always tugs at the listener, never quite allowing for a break, always seemingly hurrying with only rare breaks. I very much appreciate their style of music, but its apparent that the EP also shows some shortcomings that stem from the time and money these small independent bands are usually, and unfortunately, lacking. Amazing, for example, could have used another few retakes and improvements on the introductory lyrics. The rest of the track seems to come together rather well, but the beginning seems a bit too crude and shaky. Still, I dont want to dwell on the shortcomings for too long, sincet the EP is already a big step up from their first release, which seemed a bit more incohesive. This is a very charming record and resisting the frail voice of the lead singer is almost impossible to do. After listening to it, you might want to reach out to offer a helping hand to get her out of the rain.
Life isnt always made from the choices we make ourselves, but you do have a choice whether or not to listen to this sincere and heartfelt EP. It certainly has some issues, but dont we all?

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