Monday, August 19, 2013

These Monsters - 2013 - Call Me Dragon

Progressive/Punk Rock
Call Me Dragon
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I've spent the past month and a bit in the reflective gleam of retro synthwave, more or less ignoring any other sounds on my musical horizons (for better or worse). The hard-hitting punk rock of These Monsters put the boots to that 80's haze pretty quickly. These four guys from Leeds lay down hefty slabs of punk wrapped in a wicked tapestry of progressive and post-rock (dat Sax!) that was just what I needed to remember what music can sound like. I say progressive and post-rock play a role here because while there are vocals (and I assume lyrics as well), they're more of a tribal wail into the mic, that's buried in the mix most of the time (I almost didn't realize it was singing at first), and the songs have a free-form flow to them, with songs gliding effortlessly into the next like a tale born of guitars riffs, and into and out of noodling instrumental flourishes without killing the pacing. That said, while 'Biggie and Tupac' is an interesting listen from a technical standpoint, and a decent song, the album doesn't need to be split in two around it, since it brings the preceding fury to an abrupt halt only to have it start right back up again in the same direction. You may relish the breather it gives from the post-punk onslaught. I highly recommend Call Me Dragon, not only because it reminded me that not all music sounds like the soundtrack to Michael Man movies, but because it shows what really good rock music is capable of when a talented band goes for broke. And in this case, it's capable of re-opening my eyes to my love of all things rock and roll.

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