Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Devil Marko - 2011 - A Pleasant Exorcism

Indie Pop/ Rock
<a href="http://devilmarko.bandcamp.com/"
Someone who creates such a damn fine piece of music out of boredom, voyeurism, masturbation, moaning and unemployment and knows how to market himself properly is bound to be incredibly popular. Unfortunately, Devil Marko was only able to create the music part of that equation, while his only youtube video (to be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUtfTPsLGlE) sits at a mind boggling 11 views at the time of this review. This EP has an incredibly varied track selection that ranges from catchy radio songs (A Suburban Afternoon), darker reflective rejection songs (I'm glad you're not mine) to outright hymns that beg to be sung together by hundreds of fans, united only by an emotion conveyed via sound (I dont know what). This musician deserves highest praise for the variety of tracks he offers on this EP, especially considering he somehow still manages to make the record sound consistent. Its the sound I would imagine from a low-budget and self-produced Julian Casablancas EP and if you are being compared to the Strokes frontman, then you sure as hell arent missing talent or cult potential. The EP loses a bit of its immediate accessibility towards the end, where the more upbeat sounding songs get rarer and the tracks become more edgy, which also could have been a bit of a monetary problem if those tracks didnt get the same intensive treatment as some others (the non-Chorus part of I'm young and I'm free especially seems a bit too unpolished). But just like in real life, the end isnt really all flowers and also doesnt need to be. Its a fantastic record by a very talented musician that I certainly dont wish him to be unemployed, but... more please?

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