Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherer - 2011 - Hans my Lion

Gypsy Folk Opera
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I fully expect most people to dislike this record on their first listen, considering I have wrestled with my opinion on it for over a year as well. Gypsy folk, opera style, isn't something you encounter every day, and while the vocals support that style magnificently, they also manage to sound quite a bit outlandish and alienating in some tracks for first time listeners. Its plainly unfair however, to judge this record based on that notion, since every aspect of these tracks is fitted to this overall style which managed to grow on me once I understood the concept. The sometimes pompous instrumentation, exaggerated and distinctive vocals and narrative lyrics all fall in line with the operatic style they went for here. Hans my Lion starts out very energetic and then eases off a bit without completely losing the tension towards the end of the record, always managing to keep the listener interested in whats to come next. Its one of those bands you'll either love or hate, but I dont think its fair to downrate a band only for serving a niche, if the concept is as convincingly executed as it is here. Its also one of those bands that shows why we venture out into the depths of unknown music, showing off a style you wouldnt get served on mainstream channels. I dare you to listen to Hammer and try telling me it isnt catchy. Are these songs a bit weird? Sure. Are they fun? Hell yes.

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