Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CosmicDeal - 2014 - I Miss You

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  • Listening recommendations: Dreams Of Oxygen
From beginning to end, I Miss You is a delightful little EP of electronic music from CosmicDeal.
It had me by the sensitive bits right from the get go, what with that cold, emotionless “SOS beacon”-like opening to the record. And from there on out, one track after another hit it out of my musical park. I don't really know what boundaries define 'idm' but apparently this is suppose to fit in them, so take note idm'ers (and naysayers alike). The music does seem to consist mostly of keyboards and drum machine, thankfully it never blends together into a same-y, indistinguishable mish-mash like a lot of dance music. “Dreams of Oxygen” ambiance and dance, while say, “I Miss You” has a chilling lyrical section along sides its more piano-based music. While I'm talking about “I Miss You”, the voice on that song... Eep! The stuff of aural nightmare fuel if you're alone, that's for damn sure. For what it's worth, I truly dislike the opening drum loops on "Leaving" – Drake and Lil Wayne's type of shitty rap music has forever ruined that drum sound for me, which is too bad, because the rest of the song is pretty good - 'guitar riffs' give the track that extra bit of bite that is otherwise missing from the record. Of course now that I've listened to the record a number of times, the overall appeal has waned somewhat, (except the opening track), so I don't know how much shelf life this will have along side its other bandcamp brethren, but for the time being it's still enjoyable, and I think it'll make good headphone listening for you out in the wide world.  

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