Monday, January 13, 2014

Static Brains - 2013 - Demo 2013

Garage Rock
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This band has a lot of potential to make enjoyable songs that really rock. How do I know? This demo is a lot of fun to listen to. The riffage in each song stood out to me as a clear reminder that the true spirit of rock is not dead. It really is excellent. I remember the riff from Liars and Fools being stuck in my head as I was getting dressed in the morning (weird, right?). But that’s the sort of thing I’m talking about. It has Maiden-esque venom with a garage punk mentality; and plenty of rough head shaking which would make anyone with long hair make it dance. The rest of the songs pretty much follow the same description too. Some more technical than others whether in flaming solos like the one at the end of Bastards and Born Again, and this demo has a groover in the 3rd track, which happens to be my favorite. I love the chorus’s harmonious style incorporated in such a raw mix of distortion. I would like to remind people that it would be even more harmonious if the vocals matched the pitch a little better… but because it’s more of a recording issue, I give the vocalist a pass. A crisper recording of the wails would make this demo really ripe, meaning that’s all I’d recommend for Static Brains to blossom into a band I’d listen to often. Awesome demo.

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