Friday, January 31, 2014

Lansbury - 2013 - Everything Went Static

Rock and Roll
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When I listen to this, the old SNL 'Bill Brasky' skit about Brasky scissor kicking Angela Lansbury is the first thing that comes to mind, and hell, such an event probably sounded a little something like this (A little ironic I suppose, but more on that later). Everything Went Static is a rock and roll affair of the 'band picks fights with audience' variety. Meaty guitar riffing abound, as Lansbury pound their way through 10 head banging tracks of a stoner rock and roll. One not be a meathead to get a little something from Everything, as while it is hard, fast, and mostly howled in a very straight forward manner, the band both in lyrical content, logo, and album art seem to be shining their light on the terrible TV landscape out there in the real world. Maybe not the most original target in the world, but in this case, I didn't really care what was being yelled in my earholes so long as the music accompanying it was this consistently good. And while the vocals fall into throat shredding territory (of which I'm not usually a fan), I don't think anything else would have worked. No macho crooning, no Nickelback impressions (also thank god, you wouldn't believe the number of records ruined by that). Sing when it's called for, yell at me the rest of the time please. Lansbury also break up the pummelling to try a few different sounds on for size, mainly punk and hardcore. The Instrumentalist say, is a bit punk, a little early Metallica-like thrash (you'll know when that part kicks in). Lansbury have also accomplished something few bands I've come across while reviewing for Wasfuersohr have done, and that's write an LP's worth of material worth listening to from front to back, and in this case still eave me wanting more. Most bands can't fill an EP without my mind wandering off/giving up, but these guys are brandishing these ten tracks like a finely-crafted weapon and they know how to wield them.

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