Sunday, February 9, 2014

Floorist - 2013 - Invisible Names EP

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This release is very intriguing; and I’d like to review it for its unsettling quality. Now, as with most reviews, I tend to change my opinion about whatever I’m talking about and typically like the album/EP/demo more than when I had made up my mind about it. This is because I get more comfortable around it, and predictability allows for warmer proximity between a listener and music. Such is the case with Invisible Names, and here’s why.
The unsettling quality I had mentioned is ever so in-your-face, it made it almost hard to listen to this all the way through. Its trip-hop and glitchy drum beats made it perplexing and sort of confusing. It’s like being drunk while trying to do math problems in your head. Who wants to do that? However, the appeal slowly settled in, which would be the ambient lo-fi instrumental combo. It’s snug. The chords and riffs played are catchy in a sweet way; and innocent in a Beach House way. The vocals are also pleasantly calming. Will Maimonis has a pretty nice voice, and resembles wind during Spring. The reverb is there, and throw on a lo-fi blanket and you have some pretty lie-down-and-lay-back vocals.
So what’s the problem? It’s when you mix both of them together that things get a little shaky. It’s awkward to follow along to a particular rhythm, which is what is encouraged by the way everything is mixed. The inability to follow along made it a bit frustrating for me to listen to. The reason to listen to Invisible Names is to mellow out, and just enjoy an experimentally poppy drum/guitar combo for a few minutes. Cool in theory.
To wrap this up, I’m all for experimenting, but I don’t consider this to be something I’d listen to on a regular basis. I believe as a composer that Floorist has a lot of potential, but this is so far only an experiment.

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  1. Hey man. First and foremost, fhanks for listening to my EP. Since this release, I've since changed my name to Sweet William Tells.
    It's sort of like a one-man version of The Roots. I create and post a short, as well as an extended version of a new loop pretty much every day. Or at least every other day.The sound is completely different from the music I made as Floorist.

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