Thursday, February 27, 2014

Strangelets - 2011 - Summer Forever EP

Dream Pop
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  • 9 songs across 2 EPs to download
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  • Listening recommendations: New World, M I Lie, Soul Of Time
Another band that shows me that I should devote more time to actually listening to the stuff I bookmark. I grabbed this back in 2011 and the band already made another EP since then. I'd seriously love for them to have more time and money to focus on their music, because they have incredibly great potential and show an interesting array of variety on these 2 EPs, but it is also quite apparent that neither of these EPs shows a completely coherent and consistent concept yet. Both records contain standout tracks that I'll definitely keep in my rotation, for example the rough, bleak and fantastically executed M., I Lie, which evokes a sound reminiscent of the songs of the Bright Eyes, the incredibly dreamy and lovely Soul of Time as a touching love song or Majenusa, which shows their take on a more neutral and catchy Indie Pop style. The problems here however, are that they jump sometimes too harshly between certain styles even if the individual songs are great it itself, with Alumbras being the main offender with a genre and language switch, and that some songs are far from reaching the bar that the above mentioned songs set. Heavy is the Heart, as one example, is neither lyrical nor musically anywhere as interesting as the other tracks, and seems more like a B-Side track compared with the other higher quality songs.
Even with some weaknesses here and there, thankfully the majority of these tracks are interesting, varied, recommendable and highly enjoyable. Nothing is rushed here, every step and sound is carefully chosen to mesmerize the listener and draw them into a world of dreamy pop sounds to soothe the occasional occurence of a heavy heart. Its a shame that bands like Strangelets are having the recognition and publicity issues that they tend to have, but even if this is just a small blog and certainly not much recognition, here is to you and I hope you'll find the time to further improve your craft until you manage to fulfill your potential, which I certainly think you are capable of. *clinks glasses*

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