Friday, March 7, 2014


Math Rock
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Ever since I started reviewing releases from a very wide selection of artists all over Bandcamp, I’ve been (obviously) exposed to some pretty interesting genres of music. Sometimes I recognize the genres, and sometimes I don’t. This album fits the former description, and right off the bat TRNT BRNT screams math rock. I don’t listen to math rock myself, but like everything I review, it caught my interest enough to want to talk about it.
First off, let me just say Dance! is a very strong track to open an album with. It’s undeniably catchy without having to hit or strain any high frequencies like the majority of pop songs we can’t seem to avoid. Both bass and lead guitars rip away simultaneously with ear-pleasing lines, and lead to a neat pause-for-a-moment chorus break. It displays good old-fashioned song writing with a math rock twist. Actually, this can be said for all of the songs here. The tapping’s poppy, active, and bright; and this drummer is way past arithmetic, he’s what keeps this so flavorful and entertaining. I would highlight the more unpredictable fills and punchy timing in Tache.
There is no doubt that we’re dealing with a talented band. Some of the riff combos carefully control songs through and out of the fire like the noisy scene in Rabbit Hunt, which sounds like a feeling of unreliable anticipation. So yes, TRNT BRNT has its interesting moments; but it does so without breaking any boundaries. This progressive math style is just on point, and I’m expecting more. I’m currently in a position where there’s not a high chance of me coming back to this album. This album sets up all the right alleys with the cool lead parts but I’m not feeling an oop with something to reel me in. Listenability matters a lot to me, and at times I wish I could get hit in the face more with a jab (like a shout, faster picking parts, anything). The vocals are just, there… and the lyrics are passable. This would probably be more of a hit with me if it was instrumental because it’d be more likely that the song wouldn’t have to adjust for the scattered and almost unnecessary singing on some tracks.
This math pop rock set gets a pass, but I’d love to hear more for these guys, and something with attitude that can catch me off guard. I’m not suggesting that they be fiercer, because it’s not their style, but there’s nothing wrong with showing off if you got it. That’s my challenge..

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