Friday, March 21, 2014

Monroe Johnson & The Cloudhanger Band - 2011 - What's the Dream Now, Kitty?

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  • Listening recommendations: Lights Off Main, Little Heaven
This record proves that we need to allow a wider range of musicians more possibilities to grow. The musical growth and improvement this guy made in his three EPs since 2006 is nothing short of astounding, culminating in his two best songs Lights Off Main and Little Heaven, which are quite frankly among the best songs in the genre I've heard in quite a while. As it happens with most records I review lately, I have this album in my playlist rotation for almost 3 years now and the energy and evocative power these tracks are conveying can be extremely inspiring. Lights Off Main comes together incredibly well, with poetic imagery, a driving instrumentation that supports the change from the somber mood in the beginning to the motivational, powerful and hopeful end of the song, a sound that makes me reminisce and finally wanting to grab at the possibilities life is offering that I might have passed on too much in the past. In contrast, Little Heaven is less subtle in its overall approach and more of an immediately upbeat and uplifting sound that is surprisingly catchy and helped lighting my mood whenever it crossed my ears. Unfortunately the other tracks cant quite keep the same standard, despite Push and When the Wolves Turn in Their Coats still being rather good tracks. The whole record still manages to feel somewhat consistent even with Monroe Johnson trying different approaches in these tracks (for example light country touches in Wolves), but I get the impression he is not equally good at all of these styles.
Full circle, it would be incredibly painful to see such musicians stop making music because they are not noticed and lost in obscurity, especially considering there is still so much unfulfilled potential. Lights off Main could easily stand up there with genre greats from Keane and Coldplay, and the only reason it doesnt is because of a lack of visibility and public interest. If there are smaller bands you love, let others know, scribble their names on your friends facebook walls (or on their foreheads once they start ignoring your messages), create a small music blog to report about your discoveries or even reach out to the bands themselves to tell them that their music is being loved. This review is my way of saying thanks for 3 years of enjoyment and lighted mood, hoping his most recent EP wont stay his last.

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