Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ruben Lozano - 2014 - The Astronaut Nocturnes

Classic Instrumental
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The third time we featured this musician here, and its also the third time we find ourselves not disappointed. Classically instrumentalized music usually has a hard standing among the broader masses (unless you are happen to be born with the name Bach, Mozart or Smetana and have access to a 100 man orchestra), but Ruben Lozano has a way of weaving modern elements into his classical pieces, making them feel fresh and inspirational in a way that manages to touch a wider audience. The Astronaut Nocturnes are a different take on the same space theme that he already explored in The Astronaut. However, where his previous LP was created as an imagining of the sound of exploring the vastness and grandeur of space, Nocturnes is a more sober look on things, the night after if you will. Instead of being overwhelmed by celestial bodies, it is the sound of reminiscence. Memories of great, historical or personal moments, lingering in the air, intermingling with the dust that settled between the old and ancient records of discoveries past. This nocturne is not a dark one, the memories of the astronaut are valuable to him, worth being treasured and given to us as a record of his exploration and experience.
Nocturnes might not be as grand as The Astronaut was, but dont deserve the smaller emotions in life just as much appreciation for not freezing us constantly in awe if we were showered in amazement constantly? Highly recommended, and I am betting on Ruben Lozanos next outing not being disappointing either. Anyone betting against me?

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