Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2 People - 2011 - Hymns

Folk Pop 
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Actually, it isn't too hard liking any of these small bands we cover on this blog, because most of them are rather professional in their approach to music and don't differentiate itself in many ways from commercially available music. However, there is also quite a large chunk of bands/musicians in the lo-fi, lower budget sector which deserve some attention. This EP falls into the Folk Pop category with a very striking introductory song and a nice follow-up, making people listening up and getting them interested in the few songs featured. The first song is a mashup duet of Bright Eyes "First Day of my Life" and Bob Dylan's "Don't think twice", which works beautifully and is  followed it up with the similar captivating Lion's Den. I got the impression that the other songs don't quite come as well together or maybe they just didnt "click" for me and especially the good ideas of the 9 minute epic "What's left of me" might have been better served if presented in smaller chunks, although I salute the effort of musicians to present another angle on the typical 3-4 minute pop songs. I really had a hard time putting a score on this one as it is obviously not made with the same budgets as some other releases, and for the love put into the making of these songs 2 people more than deserve a curious ear or two, if only for the enchanting first song.

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