Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gatsbys - 2011 - The Boy & the Mountain

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Another band that really managed to grow on me after listening to it for a while. Two guys and their guitars singing songs about the sun, the moon and whatever they deem important enough. Whether you like the partly raw and unpolished lead voice is entirely up to you, but there is no doubt about the charm of the songs. You can't help but liking the guys making the music, whether you really enjoy their songs or not. The first songs in particular evoke a kind of familiar "folky" feeling and are immediately accessible. However, this also makes for a slightly noticeable lack of variety, as the songs are pretty similar. But this might be rectified in a, hopefully already planned, full album release. The most remarkable song, and a song I really like, is "Dawn". Its a fantastic combination of the voice and the steadily increasing tension, and heartily recommended for anyone to check out. Music with heart.

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