Thursday, November 3, 2011

Town Portal - 2011 - Vacuum Horror

Hard Rock 

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  • Listening recommendations: Salut, Drastic Insights
'Vacuum Horror' is a crunchy slab of instrumental hard rock that seems to have its sound rooted several of rock musics harder camps – grunge without the white male persecution complex lyrics that often accompanied the lesser acts that came to dominate that grunge post-1994 (Staind, I'm looking in your direction), sludge metal, even a bit of post-rock for variety. I would say of those three, grunge is the one this record seems to thrive on most. Town Portal know enough to slow things down just long enough so we can catch our breath ('Segway', 'Phantom Time's second half), but doesn't seem as interested in extending the proceeding into the 8-10 minute epic territory, were ambience plays a much larger role in slower sections. In cases like Isis' “Wavering Radient”, the ambience creates gloomy atmospheres, here it would be unnecessary padding. The guitars are thick and happy to riff things along at a quick but steady pace, the baselines are low and dirty (Tell me you don't need a shower when 'Salut' is over) and along with the drumming provide just the right amount of kick to get headphones nodding. Vacuum Horror would fit nicely among the harder hitting grunge records from the early 90's, but thankfully can be heard in 2011 without any nostalgia required to be thoroughly enjoyable. For those that like their rock with a little more meat to it, Town Portal's Vacuum Horror is highly recommended.

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