Sunday, November 27, 2011

the sky does not care about me - 2010 - any speed any direction

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A bit of an older album compared to what I've reviewed thus far, but probably one of the stranger; “Any Speed, Any Direction” seems to be inspired by the soundtracks to games like Quake and Half-life or science-fiction films. With that in mind it performs admirably. AS,AD is mainly industrial and ambient music, that isn't as interested in following typical song structure conventions in favour of creating soundscapes that would work great paired with a visuals of sterile complexes and desert wastelands. The first track; 'sitar freeman' is both an actual song and certainly lives up to its name. All sitar, all the time, and could even pass as a recurring theme for a character. I don't think I could take an entire album of this, but it is a fun starting point. Everything that follows “sitar freeman”clocks in over 9 minutes and sounds like someone took a microphone through a manufacturing plant to record every sound they possibly could and then added static and occasional glitchy bleeps over top. Well, except 'armor' which appears to be more song oriented, but is still seven minutes long. On the other end of the scale, a couple of songs are soothing to listen to for all their lack of context and noise('film' and 'knife'). This probably isn't a record you'd throw on for guests or dates (unless your guests/date are awesome), but if you do happen to want some background music while you frag over Xbox Live or happen to be putting together an art piece about futuristic dystopias, then “Any Speed, Any Direction” is one art show away from perfection

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