Friday, December 2, 2011

well done, jackson pollock - 2011 - s/t

Instrumental Indie
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  • Listening recommendations: Untitled 1, Untitled 2
I think this may be a first for this blog. Finally great music from Germany, which shows that I clearly have no idea whats going on in my near vicinity. s/t by well done, jackson pollock is a rather long EP at almost 27 minutes and worth every minute of your time. The initial impression of the EP is very melodic, calm even and they manage to amass such a variety of different and congenial soundscapes within those 4 songs, that I am still not tired of listening to them after 3 hours nonstop listening. The 4th song especially, spectacularly named "Untitled 2", sounds like a loveletter to the artistic possibilities and emotional power the medium music is able to unleash. The soothing beginning of the song and the way the band handled the shift to the rather upbeat,later parts in the song are nothing short of inspiring. The band seemingly consists of a rather large group of band members and this style of music immensely benefits from that, making it as diverse and inspirational as its name giving artist and comes highly recommended.

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