Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shekinah - 2011 - The Wind Lost Its Breath Redux

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When people recommend albums to me, I can be a bit skeptical. I tend to have wildly varying tastes that are hard to nail down. Unless that person recommend me post-rock. Then we're on the same page. Such is the case with Shekinah's The Wind Lost its Breath Redux. An excellent record of reworked songs (according to the band's bandcamp site) that pushed all the right buttons for this reviewer. As long time readers will know, I enjoy this kind of music regardless of its grasps for originality. This record is lyric-less and mostly guitar driven as you might expect, with a pummeling rhythm section underneath it all. Pretty by the books in that regard, but really, if you're still reading this review you're obviously here because you're fine with that notion. And you should be Shekinah doesn't break the post-rock mold but it these tracks make for an excellent listen. I would actually describe the sound as rather uplifting, in so far as the guitar wanking is always aiming higher and higher (except on 'The Writer's Ink' – more on that later) and not going for a low, angry sound. If the song titles are anything to go by (and in post-rock you never know how much a band is taking the piss), these could be trying to tap into some kind of spiritual thing. WWJDFPR? If it sounds like this, let them praise whatever deity they like, the crescendos pay off in spades. I mentioned 'The Writer's Ink' as differing from the others because the riffs are not aiming for the heavens; instead the riffs repetitiously meander down among us mortals. Very wounded crying out for help in the night sort of mortals. It's a shift in song structure and it keeps you on your toes. If the music preceding it was an ascent to a higher plane, this is a contemplative walk through nature. It's post-rock. You're either in or you're out. I'm in, and will be listening to this EP for the foreseeable future. You should too, if you enjoy your rock music soaring and wordless.

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