Friday, December 30, 2011

It Happened Here - 2011 - 001 E.P.

Pop Rock 
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You've just walked in the door, put your keys in your pocket and the door shuts behind you. It's been a long day of toiling through the dredges at work and you're in need of something to get yourself centered, get yourself right. You spot your mates already coalescing in the usual spot. You order a beer, and slide in next to your friends, settling in to the scene. You've noticed the music playing over the speakers. It's catchy, foot tappingly so, as you realize you're tapping along to the drum beat of 'Get Over Yourself'. It's got an upbeat rhythm to it, even if it sounds a bit a music rebuke to you feeling run down by your day. Your drink arrives and you take a long pull. The song has changed, it's upped the tempo now. A weird sense of urgency has crept into it, as if the band is trying to race into a future they won't ever see. The rolling thunder bass during the bridge really adds to the familiar mood of the place in a way that wasn't really susceptible any of the other times you'd come in here. Your friends don't seem to notice any of this. Maybe it's the drink. The rapid fire drumming on the final song and it's car chase tempo is the final straw, you're enjoying yourself, forget all that nonsense that happened earlier. This place, here and now, is causing nothing but good times. What more can you ask for from rock music?
What I'm trying to get across with all the prose; dear reader, is that It Happened Here's “001 E.P.” can be a cathartic listen (even 'Don't Lose Yourself to Fate') if you're alone, while still having enough oomph to it that it wouldn't be out of place at a bar with your friends as you talked over a few drinks. That it happens to sound like British pop rock the likes of which made names of Blur and Oasis in the late 90's doesn't cheapen the entire affair at all. It doesn't play up any sort of nostalgia angle to put you over, its too good to need such things. It music built for fun times, even if the lyrics are a slight more philosophical than the average alt-rock band. 001 E.P. Is worth a look see.

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